Running this service will provide a remote jitsi video conference server on which you can create rooms and invite participants to chat via text, voice, video and screen sharing.

You can add your logo by passing its full url from the previous form, the logo should be in png or gif format if you want to use transparency.

You can also add a domain link in case you would like your participants to be redirected somewhere else when they click on the logo.

You can create as many rooms as you like but you should not exceed the max number of concurrent participants as the server will be created considering cpu, ram and bandwidth needed for the expressed max number of participants.

The only clear advantage against the use of the official jitsi environment is that this server will be created on the fly, will have a dedicated public ip and will only live for the time that you have choose, the certificate will also be created and destroyed with the server and of course you will be able to personalize at list the logo and the name of the server.

There is of course no guarantee of any kind that this service will fit any of your purposed purposes, you are paying a fee to cover the cost of the server and bandwidth involved in the process.

For any further information about the video conference system please have a look at the official howto.

For any other purpose we warmly suggest you to use the official jitsi meet service.